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Friday, 15 May 2015

Week 14! 15th May

Today was the last day of the Project before the event,
this meant a lot of build up for both the performances and the planning the audience and setup the group went through the dress rehearsal for the event
James Swift - Project Assistant
Comments from the Participants:


Wow what another day we had best described as organised bloody chaos. But of the best kind. the guys were really kind to help me with the final bits of my You Can film. so thanks for that. we then had a show run through minus some key members which made it improvising. Whether good, bad different, there will be a show and you will enjoy it.... or else!

Today we got the rehearsal out so we knew how it was going down, looking forward to the big show

We had a last rehearsal before the end event on the 22nd what a lovely team we have! 

Had a lovely day, sad to see the number change of the people coming but all in all it was a very successful day, I got on the computer and got my tracks finished, one more week :)

Today we went through the dress reheresal for the show, and practised the running order we also watched some of the films of what we've been doing over the months it was great watching and remebering the event come on the scene. we've done everything we can towards this event being as the performance is next week, it's comforting to know that the show will be happening and even though our acts may not be polished we will be surely making an effort to entertain

today was fun Did a bit of rehersal getting ready for the show
Danny F
Today was a good day full of music


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