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Monday, 15 June 2015

The Event!

The final week of you can was the event itself:
 the participants and came together and shown the audience everything that had been working on over the past four months. As someone who has watched this group of very varied people, I would like to personally congratulate them, every week they have been building up to the event which was a privilege to both seen and be a part off.
Project Assistant- James Swift

Comments from the Audience:

"Clearly amazing work!!"
"Excellent! mixture of info, Rap, Social comment, comedy! Needs to be seen elsewhere"
"An amazing bunch of artists well done, really enjoyed it, good luck for the future"
"Brilliant stuff!, Emotional!, So good"
"You Can, You did and you definitely will do great!!!"
"Excellent...... Truly enjoyed myself! Great Job Guys!!! Fab work son! <3 x"
"Brilliant performance. shame this talented hard working group can't do it again in the future. Fully enjoyed myself!"

Comments From Participants:


Well times have came to an end but I can honestly say I feel confident with what I have done. I will never forget the good times and I will miss everyone PS James, Louise, Ste and Tony are awesome


Today was Quite Emotional now it' the end but I truly believe that it couldn't have gone better, I'm not sad it ended I'm happy it happened 


Thanks for everyone it was a blast, thank you o Louise, Stephen, James and Tony, Thank you for your honesty thank you for your generosity thank you for going above and beyond which was strictly required thank you to all the guys and girls who stayed on the course till the end and those who remained in sprit Thanks for letting me be me thank you  for all your dreams, thank you for letting me be a part of them. thank you for giving me and opportunity to learn. thank you for helping me stay on track thanks and please please stop Ged!


I would like to thank the background of this event (You Can!) special thanks to Louise, Steve, Tony and James for all their surport and dedication in this brilliant sucess and I will look forward to be working with them in the future, Thank you Louise 


Unbelievable! great show, awesome time with incredible people 


Our performance went fantastic and I was amazed that we all did so well and achieved our original objective of putting on a show. The whole group worked together well and nobody seemed or acted nervous everyone I've seen since the show ha given nothing but praise.I totally enjoyed the show and it has given me conifidence in all my future projects. I am happy I started this project and finished it to the end because it has been very rewarding and gave me life experiances , Thank you You Can 

 Danny F

I was only on the course for the last month but I really Enjoyed the event, I really enjoyed Introducing each part of the show! 

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