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Friday, 8 May 2015

Week 13!- 8th May

Today was the Thirteenth day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant

Today we made our badges for the event, we also finished the You Can CD by recording all the songs left to do and we ran through the comedy sketch and all the poems, everything is prepared for the dress rehearsal next week  

Comments from Participants:

Today we have rehearsed for the show, during this time I have done the programme a long with rehearsing my Poem and OCDC


Well what can I say, this week has been enlightening, it has shown the creative side to other people. the course has taught me a lot about myself for example, I've learnt to hold back on trying to control the group. Today has been a bit slow , I finished my speech and finished my lighting for the event


Hi I'm Ged

Today was the morning after the night before. Today being the 8th may and I'm glad I turned up as it it gave me a reason to buckle down and finish the music I started a few weeks ago. this meant me and Alan doing our vocals for "Inspire", Then I followed this up with my exploding garage of blues - which I did really quickly and came out better than expected a bit like this course. passed too quickly and turned out very well I am so pleased that I signed up for this course as it gave me a chance to work with people from different backgrounds that have helped me and hopefully I have contributed something. stuff like this helps people and helps communities. I hope it continues into the future. - which I did really


This course has been great for me, after not being involved with any performance and creativity for many years it's been real fun, there's only a few weeks before the end of this course and I will surely miss spending time with my Friday friends at the studio and being involved in so many different Projects and Ideas we have put into practice over the past couple of months it's a shame that some of the people who started the course dropped out as the weeks went by but that always seems to happen with courses by any nature I'm glad I stayed and have had a great time.


I have really enjoyed the past few weeks all coming together now a lot more to work on but it's all good and can't wait for the final show but I have met some good people and learnt new things and I hope that someday we will come back and do some more stuff


I would like to appreciate the presence of the members of You Can and also the runners. I would like to thank Louise, Steve, Tony and James for all their continued dedication into making the event a reality and also for their support in the coming event. Every week has been a fantastic weekly event at the studio.


Today was fun I was making Badges with James, I also recorded a track for the CD, yeah real fun

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