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Friday, 1 May 2015

Week 12! 1st May

Today was the Twelfth day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant

Today we finished of the Invitation designs, meanwhile Alan record his speech and Danny wrote up the biographies that will eventually be on this blog. the band also recorded on stage and David recorded in the studio.

Comments from Participants:


Blessed day, I got a bit angry but I enjoyed the day overall and perfected my speech, and got new ideas for the event 

Daniel F

Today was my first day I really enjoyed it, just gutted it finishes at the end of the month


Today I finished my movie edit and added sound to it as well and we did a song called sandwich and it was good fun 


Great session Today got to come up with some music on stage working towards the event.


Well what to say I've got to redo all the lights. we had a run through the event 


Today was a good mixed bag. we began by writing our little blog for the programme which forced me to concentrate the old brain cells. Then I did a bit of live rehearsal with the band. then me and then me and Alan rehearsed our bit and made some great progress. then we recorded our comedy for the event. After Ste had convinced me never to use final cut pro (Its a video editing thing). all in all a packed and varied days work


I really enjoyed myself today we had a great run through of the performance . I had a couple of practices with Ged. we had a live jam on stage and I also had a couple of run throughs of my monologue with Louise. I totally dig my friday's at the studio It's excellent Immersing into someone creative at the end of the week I always feel energised by the time we've done our days activities this is a fantastic course that I'd recommend to anyone wanting to explore their own creativity in music and performance

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