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Friday, 24 April 2015

Week 11! 24th April

Today was the eleventh day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Today we started designing badges for the event, also the press release was finalised meanwhile Ged and Alan recorded they're song. After lunch we began filming Jimmy's entrance on the green screen while David recorded his song.

Comments from Participants:

Hi I'm Gen, I'm 50 years of age, single (but not desperate) and of a sunny disposition. apart from me back and I'm still getting over this cold.Don't know why I'm telling you this. Apart from this I was lucky to have a spot of recording of my song I've written with Alan on vocals. after lunch I took part in some rehearsal of our comedy sketch which was really useful and as ever a privilege, Thank you Particularly James     
Danny P
Today I have gone through the press release for the final show. I ran through reading my poem using voice and lighting effects. I also rehearsed my O.C.D.C part with my group

Had fun making a new lighting sequence for distant star. also started on invites


Today has been very productive for me, we were in the live room today recording, it was very eye opening for me as I haven't done it before. I also worked with a couple of guys designing badges to make the event more memorable another lovely lunch and after we had a read through of the comedy sketch. It's great to see the ideas come together and all of the background work that goes with putting on a performance.

Today was fantastic i got my film finished and read through the script of the sketch


I have been involved in setting up the event in may, I have completed my project and am looking forward to the remaining weeks before the event. It has been a good workshop as usual and I am proud to be part of You Can!


just spent the whole day in the studio recording, my track proved to be difficult but I kept going and got a final instrumental


Me and Alan came up with some badge designs and got to do some music 

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