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Friday, 10 April 2015

Week 9! 10th April

Today was the ninth day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Today we started of writing on badges on our current feelings, then we discussed the event and what should be the set list, we then had a discussion on what should be the last song after decided "My Generation" by The Who would be the best for it we learnt and played it on stage. afterwards we all broke into our groups and continued our prep for the final event in May.

Comments from Participants:


I have worked on a new project which is to take quotes from the groups blog that inspire me.

Danny P

 today had been fantastic. I love how everyone is taking part and coming together to create a variety of performances. It's nice to see things I didn't expect


Was a great day in The Studio, got my first main track I want to release and also gained more ideas for my speech for the event

Dan D

Today we have had to sort out structure of the band songs and starting working of the end song

Daniel W

Today was fantastic because I was playing musical instruments and then we looked into the comedy part of stuff and it was really good had a very good day


Today we put together a script to help with the comedy. I also planned out my film and next week I will film it.


I've not been here for the last two weeks and I've really missed it. It's great to be back! Today we made great progress with planning the event, and I sang for the first time in ages (whether that was good or bad is debatable) I can't wait for next week.


Today was really enjoyable and quite uplifting, there was a lot of cohesion within the group as all those weeks of individual effort began to bear collective fruit. My part of it was drumming duties for the house band, I weirdly did a bit of singing/shouting as part of this. we started to lick the comedy into shape which was really rewarding. finally my chum Lucretia returned to our group and joined our in house band as the bassist. Top value all around!


Great day today after our Easter break I feel there was a lot more productivity and as a group I feel we are able to get along nicely and work together toward our live production.we had an absolutely lovely lunch after spending this morning sounding out and rehearsing our personal projects. this afternoon was great fun  doing a collective song performance on stage. We also worked out a sensible plan for the running order of our live show. I feel so relaxed and happy after a constructive day.

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