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Friday, 27 March 2015

Week 8! 27th March

Today was the eighth day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Today we looked at how to sell ourselves to employers, we did this via a fake ebay page, this helped make the process of doing a CV easier. After we broke up into a number of groups for our groups for the event in a couple of weeks. Next Sam a commedian came in and gave us advice on how to be a comedian and opened up to a Q&A

Comments from Participants:


I have learned quite a lot today about what comedy is all about and also about presentation in the job recruiting agency, using Ebay as a companion, Nice Workshop!


I feel like I've improved with the lighting and that I've nearly finished the chase for the live band. The lighting for the whole event is coming together, I still have a lot of hard work to do.

Daniel  W

I played in the band for an hour an then we had lunch and while having lunch we had a guy called Sam and he does a project for comedy which I will be doing. Then I did the stuff for the comedy sketch


today I gave some ideas oh our comedy set we also got a stand up comedian to come in and help us


Great day inside the studio, was making beats and the did some vocals over the top. more improvements are needed but the procession which was made today was amazing loved the day!!!

Danny P

this week , we have developed our ideas for the show. I have pitched ideas for the comedy sketch. I'm feeling confident about the show


Great week, we had time to work as a group and we had the chance to hear from a comedian, Sam about his course. Great time, god plan once again we also had an explain by Ste about writing CVs selling yourself for specific Job. Good day.


found the Ebay concept of selling yourself a really useful excise. made me think about how to be more precise about how I may wish to be considered by the employer. I enjoyed my stand-in as the drummer which i enjoyed any way. Finally, the beginning of the script writing session was good because it brought home right how much work may be required to pull it off successfully as the actress said to  the script editor!


Wow, a full mix of emotions today, I was feeling quite unmotivated this morning having been full of a cold the past few days and was made up I could express my lack of enthusiasm to this group and be accepted for my present view point. we started with some C.V work and then went into our groups working on our script for our end performance this was seemingly getting nowhere and I became quite frustrated, I like this course because I can express my frustration without reaching the point where I am upset, It's a real pleasure to be working with an open minded, level headed group, there's a great amount of acceptance and respect for each others individually. as a group we always manage our capabilities and expectations. By the end of today's course I feel totally refueled from how I felt this morning, I'm happy, Optimistic and excited with the challenge of our homework tasks.

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