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Friday, 17 April 2015

Week 10! 17th April

Today was the tenth day of the You Can! Project

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Today began planning the event and also designing the front cover for the EP written and released by the participants, while designing the CD we also finished working on the design for the blog page

Comments from Participants:


Today was  Good "Doing" day in so much as we got things done Louise put the spade work in and prepared a running order for the show which helped to concentrate minds wonderfully. This meant that me and Jimmy have been assigned film editing duties both for the stage and the event I then presented my song to Alan and luckily he seemed to like it. so we will record and perform it between us hopefully. the house band also got lucky with a really good "riff" of music that Jimmy is putting words to and he calls it Distant stars. really really good productive uplifting and fun day. Thank you all for letting me play!

Daniel D 

Today at The Studio we have been discussing and planning the songs for the event


Brilliant session, we got so much done today


Today I wrote some lyrics for a song called Distant Star and continued our comedy script.

Danny P
Today I have done my poem again for it to be laminated. I also helped with the press release, writing down questions and answers for the public.

Struggled a lot today to make a new beat, yet overall I'm happy with the progress I made today. Project is becoming a great distractions from my own distractions from my own issues


I've had a great day today sorting out the lights for the event, now that I have the plan I can finalise the lights 


Another productive day today, we started of by looking over the running order for our performance, it's nice to see the organisation taking shape and realising how far we come along since the start. real rock and roll for the rest of the morning and in the afternoon we spent on the stage working on a couple of songs and the results were great to have formed a composition from a few ideas and now have a working progress to expand on. after a review on were we're up to we continued the last hour with our comedy it showing a mixture of excitement and nerves which it great!

Daniel W

It's been a boss day because I came up with some chords for a new song and then wrote scripts for the comedy sketches

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