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Friday, 20 March 2015

Week 7! 20th March

Today was the seventh day of the You Can! Project

In todays session we played out scenarios that could potentially make you feel uncomfortable in the work place via role play, and as a group looked at how we can make them more comfortable and allows you to remain calm. After lunch we split into our groups for the event, there was a lighting group, performing group and recording group.

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Comments from Participants:

Danny P

We began with a role play in which we has a situation we found awkward and had to find a way to make it comfortable. we then began to go into our ideas for the show.


Absolutly loved today Best session yet.


Today I helped out doing Role play. then I did some drumming and then we planned out our comedy set


well I've finally started to learn how to make chases on the lighting system, I will be working on making chases for the event. It was weird doing the roleplay this morning as I was really nervous

Dan D

Today has been interesting getting involved in a couple of discussions talking about different topics an working on a song by adding more structure


I had a great day today, roleplaying was a high score! so was recording and the video blogging I was involved in, It was a brilliant day thanks a lot!


We had a healthy debate about society, that said, I think we definitely got closer as a group. We also worked on the song. getting the verses done, I think we have to work as a group and get everything spot on

Daniel W

Today we had a couple of debates and role playing to improve our selves in awkward situations in work and after that I played music then came up with comedy acts or sketches for the event like breaking bad news. I bit you all fair well, and thats the way the cookie crumbles


Today I was part of the group where we explored role play with in work/real world situations. We used the session to highlight how we might think of handling some situations in a more constructive manner. It was quite informative and surprisingly enjoyable. Then I took part in a bit of a band jam and then I finished of the day with a really enjoyable comedy brainstorm, that last bit has given me plenty of homework as we have to focus on our particular tasks for the show


A really lovely day today we started of doing role play of work situations that we could encounter in life, there were some good scenarios and we learnt a positive way to deal with potential negative confrontation. after lunch we had a debate about how society evolves and changes after this debate we had some musical fun on stage and split into groups the group I was involved in was ideas for a comedy sketch for the end event

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