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Friday, 13 March 2015

Week 6! 13th March

Today was the sixth day of the You Can! Project

In todays session we broke off into 4 groups that all are our ideas for the event in may. The first looked at filming for Ged's short film next week IZombie, the second was in the recording studio working on a rap song, the third group worked practicing for a song as a band on the stage, the last group looked at how to light a gig

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Comments from Participants:


Today I sang backing vocals for a little Group Jamming their song. I enjoyed this because I don't sing very much.

Dan W

Today I have made a song and music for this song and next week we are going to improve on it, it is very enjoyable and that's the way the cookie crumbles


Blessed Day, Enough said


I learnt to talk to different groups I worked to find out what people are doing, I found that people in the group co-operate to understand

Dan P

We have gone into separate groups to develop ideas for the show- During this time I have written a piece off work that could be made into either a song or poem. I'll ask people about what they think

Dan D

I got together in a group of the course members and started a crafting process improving a track so we can perform it live to an audience


I have had a very involving day today, working as a group, doing rap music with Johno and Alan, also with Tony, Steve and Jake. the support has been really great, and I hope to achieve success in the coming event


I help out gaining ideas to inspire on how to picture a video I did a bit of filming as well, and I also did a little bit of singing


Today was Fan-Flipping-tastic we got a 4 piece band going on up on the stage. playing an oldie but a goodie of mine. was great getting in ideas, It's coming together. Great day


well what to say. I wasn't sure what to do for the event until I saw Ste playing with the lighting desk and I decided that I'd enjoy playing with the lights, learning more about how they work and how they affect the event


Today was great, started this morning with a chat and then I went into the Studio with Johno and David who were producing a song, I was impressed with how they knew how to use the equipment, to me its mind-boggling. I wrote a verse and got it put on the end of the track it was a lot of fun using a studio mic and hearing the end recording


Today I did a number of things. Firstly, I finished off my stuff for the IZombie and Louise was a Big Big help to me with that. then I did some filming of the 'Supertramp' band rehearsing and the others doing a spot of  recording. Then I did a drum practice, All in all a very busy and good day. The Best Kind!

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