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Friday, 6 March 2015

Week 5! 6th March

Today was the fifth day of the You Can! Project

First we took a look at the task that was given out last week which was looking at song lyrics that meant something to the participants. After this we separated into three groups; the first was helping Ged film his short film "IZombie which took place outside. The next group was focusing on back drops for the past two weeks worth of personal Vlogs. The last group took a look at performing as a band to play at the event at the end of this project. This project has really brought people out of their comfort zone and making everyone more confident.

James Swift- Project Assistant 

Comments from Participants:


I have had a great day at the studio, shooting Ged's IZombie movie trailer with the guys then working with John on his "Cup of Music" track featuring in his songs with help from Steve and Tony


Full of fun friday: This morning we read out song lyrics we had brought from home, and discussed meanings with the songs. This afternoon we split in to groups doing various projects, I found the musicians in the studio and did some singing on a song we worked on together as a group, it was great getting something together and experiance as a group the evolution of a song


This week I helped Ged film a segment for IZombie, we also did some jamming on some music we planned what we want to do for the end event

Daniel W

Today has been very active, doing lots of different things like learning my lyrics of my song and oher people helped me to do it and making music for it aswell then we watched our short clips what we did last week and started working on the event in may

Danny P

Today we started talking about about song lyrics and why we chosen the lyrics we did. Then I helped Ged with filming for his IZombie project, I was given a line to read. we filmed outside and then filmed our part again using a green screen. Then we discussed our ideas for a show. I'm excited to see the end product.


Intially, we listened to peoples lyrics and as to what was the significance and/or inspriation the words were to them. it ranged from 'simon & Garfunkel' to a home written rap that entailed George Orwell and world of the Worlds!

After lunch we split into groups depending on what our strengths/weekness's are and what we'd like to take part in. a hand full of us recorded snippets for Ged's film "IZOMBIE". it took us all a few takes however i think we got there in there in the end: for the time being, this was put aside for editing as another version was made from the green screen.

closing the day we each pitched an idea to the group as what we personally would like to do for the ending event, I'm sure it will be successful


Great day today! A lot of the 'Gang' Helped me out tremendously by doing a spot of acting for my IZOMBIE project. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!! Everyone wants pitch in and help out- I said it before and I'll say it again you cannot buy that. Me and Lucretia also began videoing some of our super 8 movies- to preserve them and use them for a little film we want to do. lastly it is great to see confidence in the people growing in some of the people here, that for me is one of the things I value about this course. BRING ON THE NEXT EPISODE!


Today we got a song together as a group. basic chords and a drumbeat and we got Alan on the mic singing Daniels lyrics. great fun and I hope we can do it more next week


First day went better than expected. Enjoyed meeting new people and hearing expeiances, likes and dislikes. glad to be back working in the studio and recording again, looking forward to entertaining the masses! YOU CAN!


Today I got promoted to "Director of photography" by Ged- I was in charge of the camera for the IZombie newscast snippets. I'm really excited to see how they turn out! We also started recording from the projector. All good stuff looking forward to next week :)

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