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Friday, 27 February 2015

Week 4! 27th February

Today was our fourth day of the You Can! Project

First we all took a look at our C.Vs and how after the advice given from last week, we could improve on it to make it more subtle for a job interview. After we finished the remaining green screen shots and began to edit them, meanwhile Lucretia showed us her film projector. after lunch we spoke about different types of licences such as for wrestling and then began setting up for the wrestling event on tonight.

James Swift- Project Assistant

Comments from participants:

Dan D

Today was my first day on the You Can Project

I  came to the project cause I was interested in the project an the activities E.g, video editing with Green screen  an warmly welcomed by everyone

Dan W

Today we did a checklist about a wrestling event that is happening. Today in the studio I played with the bass guitar and an electric guitar then we watched the wrestling event being built

Another great day, I spent some time in the music studio this morning and got an idea of how the logic music program works. we also saw some old super 8 film in the hall. This afternoon was working on our personal videos and watching every ones film up to now. Great fun. also we had a tour and safety for an event taking place tonight.

Today was fun, talking in front of the green screen with the camera it was definitely hard but none the less I managed to get it done. I'm looking forward to edit the clips


Today was brilliant, the group is really blending together and with many ideas with great potential are being discussed. Every week is an example of what this project is capable of achieving and where it will go.

this week we did our monologues to the camera about our current situation. this week I also did some filming.



Today, I made a short film of myself talking about myself being made redundant and what I am doing to look for work I also watched all at home movies the other people from the group brought in and I checked the venues emergency exits.

Danny P
This week we looked at various film clips looking at their different concepts. We have looked at potential backdrops for our videos to see how well they were recorded. I also, during our breaks tried to develop my writing skills further by beginning to write a story for personal use.

Today I brought in an old movie and so super 8 mm films to watch while the others finished their recording blocks. Ged brought some home movies that we hadn't seen in 30 years- they were really great to watch. We also talked about the event we're planning and legal stuff. There's a wrestling event on tonight that we're helping to set up too.


Really enjoyed today- Lucretia brought a bell & howell super  projector screen and some 8mm films . she also brought a screen to show them on. I brought some old super 8 home movies from when i was at school & I hadn't seen them since. It was fantastic to see them again & it was like having my memories "Dug up" from the brown earth, it has inspired me and Lucretia to transfer old footage and create our own little film. Kate also has some great ideas about creating a place based on growing up in Widnes. It's great that so many people are enthusiastic to want to contribute to other peoples ideas. You cannot buy that!!!


I have learnt a lot coming here weekly, it's been great since it started 4 weeks ago, did the footage for my vlogging this week and helped the wrestling event to set up, it's be brilliant.


we started off with a quick recap of peoples CVs and how we can adapt and change them from last week. It was interesting to hear about the different self selling techniques and how we can implement them into our own range of employment.

People in the group have their own individual talents and it was interesting for me to take a step back this week to observe, whether to do guitar, drum or script writing.

After lunch, we helped prepare The Studio for the evening event as this put us in a good state of mind for planning/preparing our own event. Really enjoyed today and found it very interesting. Also enjoyed seeing Geds home videos from the 1980's which oddly involved a cabbage and underpants!

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