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Friday, 20 February 2015

Week 3! 20th Febuary

Today was the third day of the You Can Project:

First we looked through CV's and at what employers need and want to see. Secondly Ged told us about his project, making a zombie short film for I Zombie a production by Minimum Wage Theatre Company. Next we looked at the rhythm of percussion and everyone had a chance to have a go.
After lunch we looked at what previous employment we had and what we'd like to achieve from this project. We looked at how to script our own Vlog sharing these thoughts.
Focusing on how to frame the camera for use with a green screen and then proceeded to film the short pieces direct to camera.
We chose backdrops and music to underscore them.

Comments from Participants:

Today has been another great day, we had great fun this afternoon, banging drums and playing percussion instruments as a group, we had a delightful lunch and after lunch worked on our backdrops, scripts and began filming our personal videos.

Today we looked into how to make a CV and how to build one.
Then we looked into playing instruments with each other having a jamin' session.
then we looked into make a short clip of our self and talking about what jobs we have had in the past
and what we want to progress in what we want to do in the future.

Today we started by talking about our CVs and about our experiences with applying for jobs. Afterwards, we used the Drum kits and other instruments such as the triangle and maracas. After lunch, we wrote about our current position regarding employment. This will be filmed with a background and piece of music of our choosing.

I've had a great day today learning about what we should put in our C.V's. Then we had a good jamming session with the percussion instruments even though I didn't take part on the drunk kits. Then we started our small speeches on our status of employment. then we filmed our speeches ready for our green screen backdrops.

Very good day, thoroughly enjoyed it. Started off with the introduction to our individual C.V.s and as a group, talking about what potential employers are looking for. I actually learnt a few things around the 'green screen' that is used and the different formats you can lay onto one another to create a production. We were shown a trailer of  'I Zombie', which was outstanding and were given the option to be a part of it. We were also given the option of choosing an instrument, may it be a triangle or a bass drum and as a group, combine beats and rhythms which gave us an opportunity to explore how it can all come together. Similar to the 'Foley' exercise last week. As a conclusion, we were individually asked to create a snippet of our current situation regards employment but in a creative way that involved researching a backdrop for the green screen, the words and the music. Very enjoyable day.

Very very rewarding day simply from a human point of view. I learned to think about how to script and storyboard a video blog/c.v. and I had to think about the different processes involved. Should it be serious or funny or musical? Learning about other peoples backgrounds was a tremendous privilege and I really mean it when I say that this bunch of individuals are a great band of people. I also learned that one can drown via the slap of a thrashing fish. Who Knew??

Drew Supertramp
Eventful day very enjoyable, watching how the green screen works, really helps us for coming events, we also watched a trailer edited by Ged, which is also very interesting, something we can all
get involved with, we also had a little drumming session directed by Ste, with a variety of instruments, looking forward for next in front of that green screen.
Very enjoyable day.

I have Had a lovely day today, doing drumming and making sounds hitting drums and sticks, I have learnt a great deal from this workshop and I also have high hopes for the future events.

I had quite a lot of fun today! Did a lot of new stuff today and pushed myself. I wasn't looking forward to doing the vlog but I did myself proud this time. On top of that I had a go of the drum kit which I was also nervous about. All in all I had a great day, I'm looking forward to next week!

Had a lovely day today, was inspiring to see some people touch on difficulties they have socially and the openness and trust which the group is gaining, I mostly spent time on Logic making my own beats which was very developing for me personally so it was a really good day :)

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