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Friday, 13 February 2015

Week 2! 13th Febuary

Today was the second day of the You Can Project

To start we talked as a group about what type of event the participates would like to do, some suggestions for it was; a Variety Show, a Comedy show and a Live Music performance
As our second task we looked at film work, one group looked at Foley work and how to capture a sound effect. The second group looked at scripting a silent movie.

James Swift - Project assistant

Comments from participants:

Today was very enjoyable after group planning I worked with a group doing practice script writing the first minuet and a half of a trip to the moon I learnt what goes into editing sound on to screen and how sound editing on film I feel excited working with performance and live entertainment and feel the future is as big as outer space!

Danny P
Today we were split into two groups one script writing and another for creating sound for a clip from a 1902 film a trip to the moon I went into script writing we watched a clip and wrote about what we saw and what we thought it was about I was able to record my scale into a microphone we did five recordings and sliced them together to create a scene I thought this was a fun experience and would like to do something like this again

I had an absolute blast this week! I hadn't really expected to do Foley/sound stuff, so getting to do it was fantastic. We used a three and a half minute clip of Georges Melies' A Trip To The Moon  and set background/atmospheric noises to it using all sorts of things; I used a mop bucket and gravel to emulate a rocket launching and then crashing into the Moon. We also made progress planning the event, which I'm totally stoked for.

Drew supertramp
Today went rather well, meeting new people is what's its all about, different points of views, different wants!
Today we record Foley sounds for a piece by George Menlei, I personally walked on a turned table to create the sounds of footsteps, great fun, good laugh and very enjoyable.

Jake Townsend - Kid
Enjoyed today a lot, was made homeless again the day before but today has really lifted my spirits which is something that should be highlighted about the programe, which is allowing a place for something different to happen instead of the same things which people face daily, also tackling fears and exampling to people to things they can do which the previously were unaware of. I see an infinite amount of opportunities for the future, especially if funding gets continued.

I have been learning team work when creating a sound track
I feel like I have learnt a few a lot today

Well its been new to me as I've never made sound effects for movies which has been enjoyable. I've enjoyed meeting new people and interacting with them


Today I learned how to write a script to accompany an old piece of silent film called "a trip to the moon". We then edited it together to form a comedy soundtrack to the film.  The rest of the group had created some "Foley" effects which also accompanied the film to create a full performance effect. seeing this come together as a collaborative process was a genuinely rewarding experience. The best thing is that I never stop learning. Yippee!!

Danny w
Today we all did the Foley sound effects to a short film while the other group sat down and did the script to a short it was pretty funny and we all had a laugh at the end because we all got together and looked at each others work and all in all it was a very active day and fun


A very interesting and productive day all round surrounding sound and script production. Had an introduction to 'Foley' sound or as commonly known as sound effects. After watching a short clip of a silent movie ( Voyage To The Moon - 1902 ), we split into two groups, one concentrating on any speech or voiceovers, the latter creating noises with various items ranging from a spatula, gravel to a snare drum that would be relevant to what is happening in the movie. We then put the separate groups together and it was certainly interesting to compare the two! Overall, an enjoyable day and very interesting.

I enjoyed every moment at the workshop, we were involved in making Foley Sounds, a particular sound effects for movies and other films production. We had a lovely day trying different sound effects and i was amazed at the very heart of it, the way we were being taught by Steve. It was food for thought and I quite liked it.

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