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Friday, 6 February 2015

Week 1! 6th February

Today was the First day of the You Can! Project

Because of this being the first day, the first session was setting out the health and safety and risk assessments, to do this we got into pairs and discussed possible risks in the venue and thought about how we could reduce this risk. Following this we had a tour of The Studio viewing all of the rooms and what the venue has to offer.

After lunch we broke off into two teams, one looked at how to use the lighting desk and all the methods used to light a performance with both still and moving lights, the other group recorded a song in the control room, showing how to use mics and logic pro.

James Swift- Project assistant 

Comments from Participants:
We started off with a backing track that Jake brought in and recorded it into Logic, learning how to begin a project and set up both the recording studio and sound booth along the way. We added bass drum (set up with two mics for better sound) and are in the process of recording vocal tracks. I've already learned a lot and I'm really looking forward to diving straight back in next week. In the duration of the course I hope to expand my knowledge, especially in the technical side of things, and come out with a more concentrated idea of what I'm going to do with my future - I especially can't wait to get on the sound and lighting desk and get some real projects underway!

Daniel W

We started with introductions and got to know each what people names were and then fulled forms in then me and Ged did some lighting for the stage we both did two each a still and movement lights for the stage then we listened to Jake and Kyle do some recording and it has been a lot of fun to learn new stuff expanding on new things to do with music and creativity.


For the first day we started off by getting to know the group, the building and what the course would entail. After that we started learning equipment such as the instruments, recording equipment and lighting desk. A group of us worked together recording a music and vocals track and added extra drums to the track. I cant wait to use the equipment more and use some of the film equipment too.


The day started off with simple introductions to get know one another and what skills we either possess or wish to gain from this experience. We were also told of the history of 'The Studio' which proved to be interesting. Splitting off into groups after a delicious lunch I was shown how to add both vocals and a drum base onto a soundtrack that another member of the group provided. It turned out quite good considering we hadn't done this before. Very good introduction to the course.

Danny P

We started with getting to know each other and were asked about what we are hoping to achieve and gain. We were shown how to use the lighting equipment which is an interesting experience. After a lunch break, we went into the recording studio and we added a kick drum beat to a track. When Jake and Kyle went to record vocals, we were shown how instruments and vocals were mixed together to produce a track. I'm really looking forward to hopefully doing a bit of acting and possibly using the recording studio.


This course has, if anything taught me that once we stop worrying about the future, due to the past,
and let go into the absolute good, life becomes magical, even among the total strangers...we are
all one. Good Therapy Louise.


Good group of people, Started learning about 'Logic' music production software, put some tracks down. Got to know the place, only really just starting, inspired, cheers.


First impressions:
Wonderful bunch of folks and a good variety of people, personalities and interests. loved meeting new chums and hearing about their interests.


Great group of people, Had a lot of fun collaborating and working with Kid and Tony, Looking
forward to the coming months to see what they bring.


Was not fully sure what to expect from this, but all in all there is a great vibe and its evident with each person that we all want to bring the best out of each other and really see how far we can take the group, its inspiring to see people wanting to fully bring out the positive side of what creativeness can bring, not only solo, but as a group a whole. Really enjoyed the first session and hope everyone which I met today keeps coming and develop a good network of people.

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